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Here at Hannah Financial our number one priority is to put you in a better situation in life, financially. Poor credit is something that plagues many Americans today and they think its the end. It is not. We offer a wide range of packages to fit every budget and have customized plans for each customer to achieve their credit goals!

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What’s in your credit profiles will determine many things in your life; living situations, cars, cost of education. It is extremely important that everything in your credit profile is 100% accurate and 100% verifiable. Over 70% of USA consumers have some type of inaccurate information reporting in at least one of the credit reports. These inaccuracies hinder them from getting small loans, cars and even buying a home

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What We Can Do For You

Our Services

Our Certified Credit Repair Specialists are here to help you get back on track financially. When you sign up for any of our services you will get automatic emails regarding credit education to help you stay on the right track once you’re done with our program. All plans include a private client portal for you to log into to upload documents, send messages and keep up with your increasing credit scores!

Monthly Package

Our most popular package! $99 a month gives you full access to all of our services and our certified credit specialists! Client Portal included in this package so you can keep up with your progress in the program! We have specialists readily available to answer any questions our clients have Monday through Friday 9pm to 5pm EST. ​

Initial Audit Fee $199*

Monthly Fee $99

CEO Package

Work directly with the CEO of our company Irene Prewitt. She’ll be your direct connect to any questions you have during the process and will call you monthly to update you on the status of your credit files.




Initial Audit Fee $299*

Monthly Fee $149

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Very professional, and passionate about what she does. If you have questions and or concerns you don’t have to wait days for a response, she’s VERY prompt!! You WILL see results if you work with Hannah Financial!! Let her fix your credit!!


Very professional and extremely knowledgeable company. Irene will help you understand everything that needs to be done to get you to that 800 club! I love her!


Irene is a hard worker and very professional. Sending my whole family to her !

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