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At Hannah Financial our Certified Credit Specialists are here to help you.  We come up with an individualized strategy to put you in a better space credit wise.  A recent FTC study has shown that over 75% of credit reports have errors on them.  Our specialists will find those errors and challenge them, along with the validity of any account on your credit report.

The Law Is on your side

In accordance with the FCRA, anything that is reporting on your credit profiles must be 100% reporting accurately and must be verifiable.  We help you find the inaccuracies in your report and challenge them to get them removed.

What can we help with?

  • Collection Accounts
  • Bankruptcies
  • foreclosures
  • Outdated Personal information
  • unauthorized inquiries
  • tax liens
  • repossessions
  • late payments
  • charge offs

How much does it cost?


$ 169 Audit Fee To Start
  • $99/ Month
  • Results in 30-45 Days
  • Live Customer Support
  • Unlimited Disputes
  • Credit Education & Building
  • Monthly Updates
  • 24/7 Secure Client Portal Access
  • No Longterm Contracts
  • Money Back Guarantee If No Deletions In 120 Days*
Collections Removed
Repossesions Removed
Charge Offs Removed

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Frequently asked questions

The length of time you’re in the program depends on your individual credit goals and how your disputes are coming back.

Removing any accounts from your profile does not remove your obligation to those debt. It just removes the inaccurately reporting account from your credit report.

There are over 100 different scoring models.  What one lender considers as a good score might not be a good score to the next lender. It’s important to know what scoring model the lender is using before you start applying for credit.

Anything on your credit reports that is inaccurately reporting or unverifiable can legally be removed from your credit report.

After the credit agencies receive our disputes that we send off on your behalf, they have 21 days to investigate. Clients usually see results in the first 30-45 days.

It is very important that you are either building positive credit during the credit repair process and paying your current bills on time. 

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