Step into
the year of yes!

Get a crystal clear understanding of your credit situation
and learn how to live financially free

When you hear the phrase
“we’ll need to check your credit”
how do you feel?

You probably get that gut feeling of disappointment because you know for a fact that you’re about to be denied credit for something you really need.​
Yea, you’ve checked your credit report but what are you planning to do about the derogatory marks, charge-offs, and repossession that are standing between you and your dream house or car?
Let’s not even get into the credit inquiries that remind you of every moment that you’ve been told no.

Be real with yourself, your credit is stressing you out and you NEED help

Be Real With Yourself,
Your Credit Is Stressing You Out And You NEED Help!

Hannah Financial Can Give You 20/20 Vision
While Looking Into Your Credit Needs.

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* Don’t start the new year with bad credit and disappointments. Hannah Financial
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The 5 star
credit repair process

Tonal Marie

Hannah Financial is the BOMB! They are there for question or advice you may need and will tell you what to do to keep improving your credit. I have been with Hannah financial only 5 months now. Last month I almost gave up because I wasn’t getting any deletions and I was getting discouraged thinking maybe this wasn’t for me. I would constantly write in to the customer service team monthly asking what else can I do on my end and was not getting far past “keep up the good work” … But I was anxious and wanted to do more to meet them halfway. After keeping my balances low and paying all bills on time consecutively, I eventually seen things deleted off of my report that I thought I’d be stuck with FOREVER! so I’m here to tell the next person to just TRUST THE PROCESS! This is a marathon not a race and it takes time to get things deleted when doing them legally and the right way. I appreciate Irene and her crew for all of the hard work. – Thank you!

Cynthia W.

Both personal and professional experiences have been great! As a realtor I have clients that need help with credit repair and I recommend Hannah Financial!

Jennifer L.

Irene and her team are the best. I saw positive results before 30 days had gone by. I encourage any and everyone to take advantage of her credit repair services. Truly life changing!

Tasha F.

Irene and her team are very good at replying back to you ASAP. I have some student loans that reported 90 days late dropping my scores about 45 points 2 months ago. Well today they’re reporting current and I have my points back. Still waiting on Experian to update but I’m happy because the 90 days late wasn’t a good look.

Jason G.

Hannah Financial is relentless in their pursuit of bettering your credit! The Staff is professional, prompt and very knowledgable. I highly suggest you consider them to help you get your credit together.

Kimwana W.

Thank you so much! It’s only been 30 days and I’m so pleased with my results!

Ronisha J.

Irene is so professional and a great resource to our community. She explains everything so you understand exactly what in going on. Not to mention she keeps it fun for her clients! I WON tickets to the OTRII concert! The good seats!!!

Crystal F.

She’s very professional. Did my taxes my taxes fast and accurately!

Moe Grant

Irene has worked wonders on my credit and it’s only been 2 months. She is honest and very hardworking. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get their credit back on track you utilize her services!

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Step into
the year of yes!

Get a crystal clear understanding of your credit situation
and learn how to live financially free