PLEASE NOTE: If you are a business owner or self employed your profit & loss statement (P&L) MUST be attached to your submission or your expense breakdown sheet. If you don’t have one you can download our bookkeeping tools below to assist you. We will NOT calculate & breakdown your expenses for you. If the information you provide to use is incomplete or not correct we will not be able to file your taxes. 

  • ANY incomplete submissions will be removed from the system. Uploads of all tax documents, state issued ID, W2 statements, income statements and social security cards for everyone on the return are REQUIRED documents needed for filing. If you have additional documents that you can not attach to the intake form, please let us know that in the notes so we can request you upload them in your secure client portal. Please do NOT SEND TAX DOCUMENTS VIA EMAIL.
  •  NO tax documents will be provided until your invoice is satisfied. 
  • Our team members will contact you in 3-5 business days after submission. It is typically sooner.  Please store our phone number in your phone and remove any 800 blockers so we can get through when we call.
  • We will start accepting new tax submissions again in mid January 2022.


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